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Leadership in Aging

The Brookdale Leadership
in Aging Fellowship Program

The Brookdale National Leadership in Aging Program is a cornerstone of the Brookdale Foundation Group's response to the changing demography of our society and a national effort to train a new generation of leaders in geriatrics and gerontology. For more than 20 years, Brookdale Fellows conducted research in fields as diverse as medical, behavioral, and social sciences as well as in policy and the humanities. Brookdale Fellows have gone on to become leaders in geriatrics and gerontology throughout the United States and internationally.


The Leadership Program, which appointed its first class of Fellows in 1985, was an Invitational Competition among centers of geriatric and gerontological study throughout the United States. Doctor Robert N. Butler, the first Program Chair of the Leadership Program, was supported in his efforts by a board of Brookdale Senior Fellows, two Advisory Boards drawn from leading figures in the field of aging, and the Foundation’s Board Members. As the Program evolved, Brookdale Leadership Fellows, led by Albert Sui, MD, MSPH and a 1986 Brookdale Leadership Fellow, became the Program’s Senior Fellows.


Major features of the program included:


  • The Invitational Competition: candidates were nominated by institutions invited to participate in the Fellowship rounds. Each institution submitted its most promising candidates in medicine and basic science, humanities, policy, behavioral sciences, and social sciences. Ranking and scoring of nominees was done by two committees, one for medicine and science and one for the humanities, policy, behavioral sciences, and social sciences. Each committee was composed of the Chair, the Senior Fellows, and members of the appropriate Advisory Board. Final selections were made by the Foundation Group’s Board.


  • The Brookdale National Fellows Network: the Foundation conducted various activities including an annual Spring Retreat; hosting get-togethers at national meetings Fellows attended; maintaining a Brookdale National Fellows Office at the Foundation.


  • The Brookdale National Fellows Alumni Network: Brookdale National Fellows who completed their funded relationships with the Foundation continued to participate in Fellowship activities including attending the annual Spring Retreat.


  • Program Review: the Leadership in Aging Program was reviewed through twice-yearly meetings in which the Senior Fellows, Advisory Boards, Foundation Board Members, and Foundation staff considered the activities of the previous Fellowship round and implemented changes to improve the quality and effectiveness of the Program.

Senior Fellows Emeriti

Albert L. Siu, MD, MSPH (Chair) (Brookdale Fellowship, 1986)

Terry Fulmer, PhD, RN, FAAN (Brookdale Fellowship, 1992)

Anne Basting, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1998)

Richard Bucala, MD, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1988)

Walter H. Ettinger, Jr., MD, MBA (Brookdale Fellowship, 1985) 

Christine L. Himes, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1991)

George Kuchel, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1987)

Fellows Advisory Board Emeriti

Bradley Hyman, MD, PhD (Brookdale Research Fellowship, 1989)

Diane Rowland, ScD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1988)

Founding Senior Fellows Emeriti

Robert N. Butler, MD

Anthony Cerami, PhD 

Harvey Jay Cohen, MD 

Rose Dobrof, DSW

Samuel K. Elster, MD

Rosalie Kane, DSW

Jesse Roth, MD 

John W. Rowe, MD

Brookdale Leadership Program Alumni

Roy N. Alcalay, MD, MSc (Brookdale Fellowship, 2010)

Julie K. Andersen, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1994)

Monika Ardelt, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1999)

Darren Baker, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 2011)

Jennifer Balfour, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 2003)

Karen J. Bandeen-Roche, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1997)

Sheila M. Ryan Barnett, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1991)

Lisa C. Barry, PhD, MPH (Brookdale Fellowship, 2007)

Anne Basting, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1998)

Margaret Baumann, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1989)

Brock A. Beamer, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1998)

Caroline S. Blaum, MD, MS (Brookdale Fellowship, 1994)

Michael E.T.I. Boerrigter, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1992)

Stephen J. Bonasera, MD, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 2002)

Richard Bucala, MD, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1988)

Linda M. Burton, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1987)

Melissa D. Aldridge Carlson, PhD, MBA, MPH (Brookdale Fellowship, 2007)

Brian D. Carpenter, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 2002)

Gurkamal S. Chatta, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1991)

Cathleen Colón-Emeric, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 2001)

Victoria Vaughan Dickson, PhD, CRNP (Brookdale Fellowship, 2010)

Jeffrey W. Dwyer, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1992)

Walter H. Ettinger, Jr., MD, MBA (Brookdale Fellowship, 1985) 

Roger A. Fielding, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1997)

Karen L. Fingerman, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 2000)

Stacy Fischer, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 2003)

Terry Fulmer, PhD, RN, FAAN (Brookdale Fellowship, 1992)

Joseph J. Gallo, MD, MPH (Brookdale Fellowship, 1995)

Matthew Simon Gill, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 2002)

Thomas A. Glass, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1992)

Andrea C. Gore, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1997)

Cynthia Grosskreutz, MD, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1999)

Corita R. Grudzen, MD, MSHS (Brookdale Fellowship, 2009)

Marcia Haigis, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 2007)

Susan V. Brooks Herzog, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1996)

Christine L. Himes, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1991)

Patrick R. Hof, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1991)

Teresita M. Hogan, MD, FACEP (Brookdale Fellowship, 2008)

Bradley Hyman, MD, PhD (Brookdale Research Fellowship, 1989)

Rita A. Jablonski, PhD, CRNP (Brookdale Fellowship, 2009)

Daniela S. Jopp, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 2010)

Jason Karlawish, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1998)

Arthur Kay, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1986)

Amy S. Kelley, MD, MSHS (Brookdale Fellowship, 2009)

Anne M. Kenny, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1996)

Valarie King, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1998)

George Kuchel, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1987)

Andrea LaCroix, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1990)

Pamela L. Larsen, PhD (Brookdale Research Fellowship, 1989)

Thomas A. LaVeist, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1991)

Annette Lee, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1990)

Rosanne Leipzig, MD, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1985)

Becca Levy, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 2000)

Jennifer Hagerty Lingler, PhD, MA, FNP (Brookdale Fellowship, 2008)

Richard F. Loeser, Jr., MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1990)

Joan McDowd, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1987)

Kathleen McGarry, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1995)

Kate de Medeiros, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 2008)

Ilhem Messaoudi, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 2009)

R. Sean Morrison, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1996)

Phyllis Mutschler, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1992) 

Miriam E. Nelson, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1994)

Nancy Nichols, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1987)

Ruth O'Hara, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1993))

Claudia Orengo, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1998)

Alexander Panda, MD, MPH (Brookdale Fellowship, 2010)

Maria P. Pavlou, MD  (Brookdale Fellowship, 2007)

Brenda Penninx, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 2000)

Joan D. Penrod, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1998)

Marion Perlmutter, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1985)

Carol Pilbeam, PhD, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1987)

Karen M. Prestwood, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1993)

Ruth E. Ray, MA, DA (Brookdale Fellowship, 1994)

Dorrie Rosenblatt, MD, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1986)

Diane Rowland, ScD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1988)

Greg Sachs, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1990)

Catherine A. Sarkisian, MD, MSPH (Brookdale Fellowship, 2001)

Carmen Castaneda Sceppa, MD, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1998)

Kenneth Schmader, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1988)

Shai Shaham, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1999)

Albert Shaw, MD, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 2003)

Myles N. Sheehan, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1993)

Maria Fiatarone Singh, MD (Brookdale Fellowship,1988)

Albert L. Siu, MD, MSPH (Brookdale Fellowship, 1986)

Yolanda Ann Slaughter, DDS, MPH (Brookdale Fellowship, 2001)

Jeffrey H. Silverstein, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1993)

Merril Silverstein, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1994)

Mitchell S. Sommers, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1995)

Mark Supiano, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1985)

Paul Thuras, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1992)

Ravi Varadhan, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 2011)

Peter Vaitkevicius, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1995)

Elena Volpi, MD, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 2000)

Jeremy D. Walston, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1995)

Jonathan Wanagat, MD, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 2007)

David Waters, DVM, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1999)

Robin West, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1989)

Brie A. Williams, MD, MS (Brookdale Fellowship, 2008)

Jürgen Winkler, MD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1996)

Gary Winzelberg, MD, MPH (Brookdale Fellowship, 2003)

Phyllis C. Zee, MD, PhD (Brookdale Fellowship, 1994)

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